Tile Shower Design Must Haves For Your Bathroom

To truly unleash your bathrooms potential the tile shower design is critical.  Your tile shower is the focal point of the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to show it off.  You will be azmazed at what your tiled shower can do for you.  Remodeling your bathroom is typically a one time expense, don’t cheap out on getting what you want.  A properly designed tile shower can improve your health and reduce stress.  Don’t believe me, continue reading to see what I’m talking about.

The Shower Faucet

For me, the first element in tile shower design is the faucet itself.  The type of faucet you choose says a lot about you.  The faucet is also where your health and happiness comes into play as well.  Water can massage in addition to clean, imagine a shower experience that you can completely control.  I’m talking about body sprays, handheld shower, rainhead units or even a waterfall.  I can  integrate these features into your tile shower design effortlessly.  To truly reduce stress and increase overall health consider adding a steam shower.  Talk about creating a unique experience and one that you won’t forget.  You could finally have a true spa in your very own bathroom.

Other Tile Shower Design Considerations

I would strongly suggest staying away from natural stone as part of your tile shower design.  Natural stone is typically very soft and will be difficult to maintain.  I recommend porcelain tile with a stone pattern instead. Unlike stone, porcelain tile is very low maintenance and will stay looking new for a long time.  Like stone tile, porcelain tile is available in similar sizes shapes and colors.

Other Considerations

I would consider a curbless shower as they are visually very pleasing and allow for easier entry.  A frameless shower door will also compliment the shower nicely as well.  A shower enclosure will also help retain heat, a very important feature if hot showers are important to you.  In conclusion, a tile shower design will have a big impact on your daily life.  Don’t trust just anyone with this important task.  I also recommend hiring qualified labor for your project as well.  Nothing is worse than spending money on a tile shower design and it fails.  Read about our tile shower installation method as well as our lifetime warranty for tile installations.

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Eric Blumer is a Certified Tile Installer servicing all of Mid-Missouri. Properly installed tile will last a lifetime, it's Eric's desire to show that qualified labor is out there. Following industry standards helps to ensure that your project won't fail.

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