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Columbia Missouri Custom tile shower EJ Flooring 1
So you’re thinking of replacing your shower with a custom tile shower.  First, let me say that is a very wise decision.  Nothing can be customized to meet your personal taste more than a custom tile shower.  Every tile shower is different.  We build each tile shower to your specifications, there is no […]

Our Tile Shower Installation Method

Recently I tiled a couple of floors in a basement. I thought it would be a great opportunity to break down some of the techniques I use when setting tile. Most of these steps can be used when tiling over a wood sub floor. Prior to beginning your tile installation […]

Basement Tile Installation

Bathroom tiled floor
A couple purchased a house recently and there was carpet in the bathrooms.  The house is only 8 years old (and so is the carpet) but due to daily use of showering and normal use the carpet had an odor.  We came in, ripped up the old carpet and installed […]

Bathroom Tile Installation