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Our reputation is everything, and 5 star service is our goal.  From the moment we meet at your consultation until the project is delivered, we desire that your experience be fantastic.  Since we have been in business, I have been working hard to collect great reviews, now I am putting all of them in one place, easy for new potential customers to see for themselves.  If we have worked for you in the past, and you would like to leave your review of my company, feel free to do so below.  

Lisa Lueckenotte


Tile backsplash

EJ Flooring did a great job installing my kitchen backsplash. The tile I chose was difficult to work with; they had to hand set each piece and it took longer than they initially planned. Eric never complained and he did not charge me for the extra labor. An added bonus: they really cared about minimizing the dust during the project- they used an air filtration machine and placed plastic over the doorways. The work was completed in a timely manner and they exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend EJ Flooring!

Shari Margheim


Kitchen backsplash

I found Legacy Bath and Tile with a Google search and found them conveniently located on the Business Loop.  I'd been looking for a kitchen backsplash tile for over a year and Jennifer was so helpful.  She gets 5 stars for excellent customer service.

We had Eric install the tile and are over the moon with the results.  We used a Dimension grout and a crackled glass tile that we knew that might be a challenge for some installers.  Eric and his worker (Brent) installed with no problems.  They cleaned up after.  The work was top notch! I recommend Legacy Bath and Tile and EJ Flooring for your next tile project!

Tim McVey


Tile shower/basement finish

Eric finished almost 2k square feet of space in our house plus 2 tile showers and tile floors in the upstairs bathroom. He is a talented craftsmen and I highly recommend him for any remodeling project.

Karen Schmidt


Kitchen backsplash

Eric of EJ FLooring installed a glass backsplash in my kitchen and it is absolutely beautiful!  Eric and Jennifer (Legacy Bath and Tile) were great to work with.  So glad I made the decision to have them install the tile.  Eric even went the extra mile in replacing all my old electrical outlets with new white-- at no extra charge.  Would definitely recommend this husband and wife team if you are looking to do anything with tile in your home!!

Mary Lynn Battles


Tile Floors

I had contractor tile that was poorly laid and replaced with Florida Berkshire wood look tile in my kitchen, laundry room, entry way and two bathrooms.  EJ Flooring did the entire project and did an excellent job.  I love the new tile.  Eric was great to work with and he was very considerate to keep the project as clean as possible.  I highly recommend EJ Flooring for your (tile) flooring projects.

Angela Howard


Laminate Floor

Eric did a fantastic job on our floors.  He charged what he said he would charge without any extras and made sure we were happy with the results.  I would use his services again.

Colin Kilpatrick


Shower surround

Completely rebuild and tiled a 4'x4' shower room

Jocelyn Cullity


Bathroom tile/wood floors

Eric is excellent at what he does and has the time to explain things very clearly and carefully to his clients.  We were so pleased to have worked with him.  We are new to the area and contacted 8 different contractors for estimates.  Eric was by far the most frank about possible issues and also clearly was very knowledgeable about both tile and wood products and the possible challenges of installation.  His price was very fair.  As others have stated he's also a really nice person.  I recommend him very highly and would certainly go to him directly for any future job.  I don't think anyone would be disappointed in hiring him.

John Pierce


Floor Tile

EJ Flooring installed 300 square feet of tile in five separate areas.  Their quality workmanship is a reflection of their pride and dedication.  Eric stands by his work and will correct any flaws for as long as he is in business, which should be for some time based on the 6 week wait to start the tiling due to his volume of work.

Candace Seeve


Floor Tile

Eric installed floor tile and did a great job.

Tiffany McFarland


Custom tile shower

Eric completely remodeled a bathroom for us, replacing the drop in shower with a custom-built tiled one, adding a linen closet and moving the plumbing for the sink such that it could be moved to the other side of the room to accommodate a new doorway into the bathroom.

Stephen Sample


Tile tub surround and floor

Installed new tub and tiled the surround.  New toilet and demolition work as well.  There were lots of unexpected things that came up, but Eric was responsive and tried to accommodate as needed.  He changed his schedule and worked with us.  He always made sure he clearly communicated his plans and any timeline interruptions. 

Mary John


Custom Tile Shower

Eric was very easy to work with, because of some health concerns on our part, we had to reschedule several times.  He always worked with us on this issue.  Did an excellent job on redoing the shower.  The tile is well done & looks beautiful.  I am very pleased with the entire job & experience.  Would definitely use him again & would recommend to friends and family.  Also, he is very ethical and trustworthy.

Monica Beglau


Laminate Installation

Eric was very prompt in setting up an appointment to provide us with an estimate for the installation of the flooring.  He was very professional and provided great advice about the type of flooring that would work for our situation.  He responded well very well to our email and telephone questions.  We saved a little by removing the old carpet and getting the floor ready for the installation.  Eric scheduled the installation at our convenience and he was on time for the days required to install the flooring.  There were no surprises and no unexpected expenses.  He gave us very accurate information about the amount of flooring and other supplies we needed to purchase.  Eric kept the work area very clean and he made sure all of the debris was removed when the work was finished.  your text here...

Marilyn Russel


Tile Floor

Prepared concrete floor and laid ceramic tile in dining room and sunroom.  Did a fine job, good communication and what I got is what he said he would do.  He had an assistant (Brent) who was very good also.  Minimal waste on the tile, cleaned up after themselves and did the job in the length of time they said they would.  Would have liked the bid to show itemization of items and the price to be less, but overall am very satisfied with everything.

Lloyd Stambaugh


Tile Backsplash

The entire project went very well.  Given the extensiveness of the work done and the quality of all materials used, the price was quite reasonable.  Eric and particularly Jennifer (with Legacy Bath and Tile) worked very patiently with us as we went through our usual struggle to decide upon which color, which tile, which pattern and then changed our mind about three times before we were ready to order tile.  Jennifer provided numerous tile samples for us to take home and look at to compare against our countertops.  Eric and Brent were more than careful to tape plastic sheeting over all cabinets and drawers and to clean up well at the end of each day.  They even taped down a floor to ceiling plastic barrier between the kitchen and the rest of the house to contain the dust during the demolition of the old tile/drywall.  They were right on target to arrive when they said they would each day and to finish the project when they originally projected.  The quality of all materials used and the quality of workmanship were well above average.  Overall the whole crew was attentive to our wishes and a polite, pleasant group to have in our home completing the work.  Unlike numerous other projects we have had, this one leaves us feeling good about the people and the finished result.  We can wholeheartedly say that anyone needing tile work done won't go wrong if you have EJ Flooring do the job.

Margaret Olsen


Mosaic Bathroom Floor

The bathroom floor in my little 1925 bungalow was partially rotted and the floor also needed replacing.  I wanted to add a pedestal sink as well and replace the ugly old vanity.  I let Eric know what type of tile I was interested in (I like the classic black and white mosaic tile; it comes in 12 inch squares that make it more efficient to install) and explained what else I was hoping for: new pedestal sink, filling in the tile on the wall behind the old vanity, etc... Eric and I agreed on materials to use and set a date for the work after he gave me an estimate.  He arrived on the agreed upon day and had the job done in two days (so that other folks don't assume their job will go as quickly, mine is a very small bathroom).  While it is important to realize that all contractors must have flexible beginnings and ends to projects (that is the nature of the work), Eric and I were in contact so that I knew when to expect him.  Eric and his assistant Brent removed the old tile and backerboard, then replaced the rotten section of the subfloor.  They put in new backerboard and laid the tiles and grouted them.  They installed the new pedestal sink (which I wanted to choose myself - and Eric was fine with that), and re-installed my old toilet (it didn't need to be replaced).  They also tiled behind the pedestal sink and did all the sealing and touch up to make it clean and professional.  Some hardware needed to be replaced as well, to bring the fixtures up to date (new water supply shutoffs, new stool supply line, etc.).

Eric and his polite assistant Brent did a beautiful job on the bathroom, and it was a pleasure to have them in our home.  Eric is very communicative and polite, so he always tells you what he is doing, why he is doing it and what the outcome will be.  Where appropriate, he gave me options.  We were always on the same page as to the quality of materials, how to proceed, etc. (I don't like cheap materials that won't last, thankfully that's Eric's attitude as well).  I greatly appreciated all of this , particularly the ongoing communication, and I told Eric on the second day of the job how happy I was that it was his company I had chosen for the job.  Eric had provided an estimate for the work after initially looking at the bathroom, and that price was consistent with what I paid in the end (we made adjustments for the pedestal I chose, the hardware I wanted to install, etc.) I found the work to be high quality, Eric and Brent to be extremely punctual and efficient and the price to be very fair.  I would absolutely use EJ Flooring again.  Eric does his best to do excellent work, be in consistent communication with the customer and insure satisfaction with his work.

William Deuel


Laminate Flooring

The most important thing to us is that a person we contract, do what they say they will do for the amount quoted in a reasonable time frame.  Eric did all of this and more.  He is a pleasure to have in our home, is friendly and courteous at all times.  Came back and replaced a defective transition strip at no charge.  We will certainly use him again and can recommend him to others.

Mary Ann Daugherty


Custom tile shower, Heated Floor, Engineered Hardwood, Tile Floors

We were in the market to replace our upstairs flooring and heard Eric on the radio.  We called and he came out to our home to see what we were wanting to do.  We then went to his store (Legacy Bath and Tile) to see some options he had for us.  He gave us an estimate, then began working for us in September of 2012. He removed the linoleum from our kitchen, laundry room and 3 bathrooms.  He replace it all with tile.  In our master bathroom he also removed our old, fiberglass shower and the old backsplash/tub surround around our jetted tub.  He replaced it with custom tile.  He installed the new plumbing for the new shower faucet and installed the breaker for the heated floor programmable thermostat.  After all the tile work, he laid all the engineered hardwood flooring throughout the rest of our upstairs.

This was a huge project and we are so glad we chose Eric to do it.  We could trust Eric to be in our home or when either of our teenage daughters were home alone.  Eric is dependable and does what he promises he will do.  He is kind and pleasant to be around - very nice since we spent so much time together during this project.  He was reliable to give us a time frame to work with - especially since we did some of the demolition ourselves.  We did not tear up too much ahead of time, nor did we feel rushed to at the last minute to get our part done.  Eric was also helpful to give us tips on the parts we were doing ourselves.  He uses quality materials and knows how to use them properly.  For anyone who thinks his estimates are high, you should compare apples to apples and know that you get what you pay for.  The Schluter products he uses are well known to be superior products.  If you use them, you will not be redoing your project because of failure - only if you get tired of it and want something different.  Eric stands behind his estimate and that is what you will pay for the job (unless, like us, you keep adding to it as you go along).  Another bonus that mattered to our family, Eric does not smoke so he did not stink up our home.

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