custom shower tile installation. This decorative tub surround flows seamlessly into the tiled shower that connects to it.

Covid-19 Extra Precautions

These are definitely interesting times for everyone right now.  We understand that life must still go on, but that doesn't mean we can't take extra precautions to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  Our goal is to do just that.  I want to take this opportunity to let you know of a few changes we are implementing in the short term as well as some things that may last a bit longer. 

  1. Remote Estimates.  Many homeowners are hesitant to needlessly expose themselves to multiple people for estimates.  We offer a couple alternatives to this format.  Video conferencing or texting pictures of your project are two great ways to get you the information you need.   Safety is always our top concern, even for an estimate.
  2. Your safety is just as important as ours.  Before we start on your project we will make sure everyday that we are healthy.  Taking our temperature and monitoring for other symptoms is how we will handle this.  We ask that you inform us of any symptoms you may have as well so that we can all stay safe.
  3. Practice social distancing while on the job.  We will construct plastic barricades from floor to ceiling from the entrance of your home to the area we are working in.  This may make it more difficult to access other areas of your home, but it will help everyone to stay safe.  
  4. Our HEPA air scrubber will remain in use.  Using the extra plastic and HEPA air scrubber will keep any contaminants from the construction area entering your home.
  5. Clear communication is very important.  â€‹Communication is always very important to us, especially during this time.  If while we are working on your home something we are doing needs to be addressed, just let us know.  We want this transition to be as stress free as possible for all involved. 
  6. Estimates are valid for 30 days.   A lot of our products come from Italy and to a lesser extent China.  Both places hardest hit by the Coronavirus.  This is having an effect on material pricing and availability.  

We will do our best to answer any questions you may have about pricing, material availability and project cost.  This situation will only help us to serve you better.  

If It's Not Tile - It's Temporary

There's nothing on the market that can perform like porcelain tile can.  It's why we say if it's not tile, it's temporary.  No matter what you put next to tile, it will come up short.  Tile is the only finish you can install in your home that will outlast it.  Because tile has such longevity it has the cheapest life cycle cost.  Tile is also the greenest product you can use as well, since it is made from inert materials.  It's safe for you and your family and has no off gassing or other ill effects that other finishes may have.  

A qualified tile installer will help you achieve the maximum amount of return on your investment.  Whether you want an installation that can be featured in a magazine or something more simple, the longevity of the project should remain the same.  We believe tile is so permanent that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our tile installations.  If you're in Columbia Missouri or surrounding areas (Ashland, Missouri; Hallsville, Missouri; Centralia, Missouri; Mexico, Missouri; Moberly, Missouri; Jefferson City, Missouri) contact us.  We would love to interview for your tile project and show you how passionate we are about what we do.  

Tile unearthed in Turkey, still looks good despite being buried.

Proud member of TCNA

Certified Tile Installer #1329

Shower Tile Installation by a Certified Tile Installer

bathroom remodel Columbia Missouri

We are the only Certified Tile Installer Columbia Missouri.  We take pride in what we do and how we do it.  You can rest assured that if we install your tile, it's done the right way.  All of our installations include a lifetime manufacturer warranty as well as our own workmanship warranty.  We want you to be satisfied with your tile installation long after the job is complete.  Do you want to see how we do it?  Check out our video gallery page, it shows jobs in progress as well as completed projects.  

Our tile showers use a state of the art waterproofing system.   Schluter Systems is our preferred waterproofing system as it allows the shower to dry completely in a short amount of time.  When the shower is dry, there is no place for mold or mildew to grow and your shower will continue to look like new.  Tile that is installed properly is very easy to maintain.  Nobody likes to clean and scrub, that's why we use grout with a built in sealer.  It keeps your tile shower looking great and you won't even use elbow grease. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen With A New Backsplash

Nothing shows off your kitchen like a tiled backsplash will.  Whether you're doing a whole kitchen remodel or just want a simple upgrade a tile backsplash is something you need to do.  A linear glass mosaic, like the one pictured, really transforms your space.  

Add undercabinet lighting to your kitchen as well.  The lights will really show off your tile (hey, I like that) and provide a better prep experience as well.  If your cabinets have a glass front, light it up as well.  I find LED strip lights to be the best style of lights you can have installed.  The LED lights are very even and don't have any weird shadows like a puck style light does.  

We use 100% silicone color matched to your grout where the tile meets the countertop.  This allows for expansion and contraction between the surfaces and won't crack apart like latex caulk or hard grout will.

Customer Reviews

Karen Schmidt

Columbia, MO

Eric of EJ Flooring installed a glass backsplash in my kitchen and it is absolutely beautiful!  Eric and Jennifer (Legacy Bath and Tile) were great to work with.  So glad I made the decision to have them install the tile.  Eric even went the extra mile in replacing all my old electrical outlets with new white -- at no additional charge.  Would definitely recommend this husband and wife team if you are looking to do anything with tile in your home!! 

Shari Margheim  

Columbia, MO

We had Eric install the tile and are over the moon with the results.  We used a Dimension grout and a cracked glass tile that we knew might be a challenge for some installers, Eric and his worker installed with no problems.  They cleaned up after.  The work was Top Notch! I recommend EJ Flooring and Legacy Bath and Tile for your next project!

MaryLynn Battles  

Fulton, MO

Had contractor tile that was poorly laid replaced with Florida Berkshire wood look tile in my kitchen, laundry room, entry way, and two bathrooms.  EJ Flooring did the entire project and did an excellent job.  I love the new tile.  Eric was great to work with and he was very considerate to keep the project as clean as possible.  I highly recommend EJ Flooring for your tile flooring projects.

Lisa Lueckenotte  

Columbia, MO

EJ Flooring did a great job installing my kitchen backsplash.   The tile I chose was difficult to work with; they had to hand set each piece and it took longer than they initially planned.  Eric never complained and he did not charge me for the extra labor.  An added bonus: they really cared about minimizing the dust during the project. - the used an air filtration machine and placed plastic over the doorways.  The work was completed in a timely manner and they exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend EJ Flooring! 

Cleaning Is Part Of The Job

We do our best to keep your home clean during your shower tile installation.  It's important to us that you not have to move out just because you're having work done on your home.  To help contain jobsite dust and debris we use a HEPA air scrubber, drop cloths and plastic sheeting hung from the ceiling.  We care about your home as much as you do, that's why we go the extra mile to protect it.