Trusting Your Tile Contractor

Tile contractor Columbia MOAny time you hire a tile contractor  to work on your home trust is an important factor.  What items are most important to you when deciding who you should hire for your next project?  The purpose of this post is to point out how I approach new projects.  There’s a lot that goes into planning a successful project, more than just installing the tile anyway.

What Makes Me Different

Protecting my customers both from failed jobs and the construction process are both very important to me.  I continually educate myself in proper tile installation and techniques to guard against a job failure.  The education opportunities I take advantage of also have many manufacturer’s there as well.  I take being a tile contractor seriously.  To protect your home I use drop cloths, plastic sheeting and HEPA air scrubbers to collect dust.  Your home shouldn’t be a danger zone, and you shouldn’t have to move out because you’re renovating a room.  I work hard to keep you satisfied and as stress free as possible.  A low stress work environment leads to better quality work all the way around.

A Tile Contractor Works For You

As a tile contractor its my job to make your dream bathroom a reality.  I have a lot of control over your project, everything is adjustable.  Your fixture heights, niche locations and size, tile layout are all done ahead of time.  I work hard to cover every detail of the job with you before we start.  You have the final say in what your project will be.  This is your home, I want to make you happy.

A Strong Team

It takes a lot more than just me, the tile contractor,  to make your dreams a reality.  I hire great employees that care about your home as much as I do.  While I am on site during the installation, I do sometimes have to run an errand.  I like knowing that even if I’m away your home is still in good hands.  My wife, Jennifer, also works hard to coordinate your project start date with you.  In addition to that she assists with tile design and layout options.

Lifetime Warranty

All our tile projects qualify for a lifetime warranty.  I say that because if I can’t warranty your job for life, I won’t do it.  I won’t compromise best installation practices to land a job.  As a tile contractor, I have too much pride for that.  In addition to my warranty, you can also register your project with the manufacturer as well.  Registering with the manufacturer gives you their lifetime warranty.  To answer more questions visit our FAQ page.

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Eric Blumer is a Certified Tile Installer servicing all of Mid-Missouri. Properly installed tile will last a lifetime, it's Eric's desire to show that qualified labor is out there. Following industry standards helps to ensure that your project won't fail.

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