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Columbia Missouri tile shower installer, lifetime warranty

10 Questions To Ask Your Tile Shower Installer

Having a tile shower installed in your home can be the greatest decision Central Missouri tile shower installeryou make regarding maximizing it’s value.  The worst thing you can do is hire an unqualified tile shower installer to build your new shower for you.    I hate going into a clients home and seeing a shower less than two years old that has to be replaced.  My hope here is that I can help you qualify your installer before hiring them to do your project.  If you follow this guideline, your odds increase that your new tile shower will last a lifetime.  For a more in depth look, read this article on proper tile assemblies.

Tile Shower Installer Qualifications

  • What is their warranty?

    Most installers offer a one year warranty from the date of completion.  Since most of the failed showers we see are older than that (by a few months) I would ask for a longer warranty.  For example, we warranty our showers for life.  You get both our warranty and a lifetime manufacturer warranty as well.

  • What is their preferred waterproofing system?

    You are likely to find many different answers to this question.  What you are looking for is a complete system installation method.  A tile shower installer that says I use this membrane, and this paint on product is a red flag.  Using multiple manufacturers on a shower means you won’t have any kind of warranty from them.  Now you will rely solely on the knowledge of the installer only.  For example, our lifetime warranty is provided by Schluter Systems.  This post details our shower construction method.

  • Does the installer have any memberships or certifications Mid-Missouri tile shower installerfrom the tile industry?

    A good way to check for a tile shower installer’s qualifications is to look for certifications and memberships.  The N.T.C.A. (National Tile Contractors Association) as well as C.T.I (Certified Tile Installer) are good sources to look at.

  • Basic Contractor Qualifications

    These questions are just contracting 101 to me.  Hopefully the potential tile shower installer you are interviewing doesn’t tell you only what you want to hear.  I hope for everyone’s sake, they answer honestly.

  • Does the tile shower installer stay on your project until it’s finished?

    A lot of contractors start a job right away, then leave to start another job instead of finishing your job first.  I would ask the potential installer if they stay on your project until it’s completed or they will be leaving to start other jobs.  We only work one job at a time.  Sometimes this costs us other work, but I would rather have a happy customer instead of two dissatisfied customers.

  • What is their daily work schedule?

    It’s important that your tile shower installer keep a regular work schedule.  Not only will having a consistant start and stop time make their progress more predicable, it will also help you as well.  Typically, we start our day at 8:00 and work until 4:30

  • Are they licensed and insured?

    A good tile shower contractor will carry both general liability insurance and workman’s comp insurance.  Both types of insurance are there to protect them and you.  Be sure to ask for verification of their insurance prior to them beginning work.

  • What are their customer reviews or references like?

    A good contractor keeps records of happy clients.  Many homeowners today even post their review of the company online.  Be sure to look for reviews of their company before hiring them.  I would recommend using the reviews only as a measure of them personally and not how knowledgeable they are.  Many happy customers leave a review shortly after the work is completed and don’t update their dissatisfaction years later.

  • What are their jobsite safety protocals?

    Good contractors know that protecting their employees as well as their customers is very important.  I would ask them about grounded tools (especially wet saws or other equipment that’s around water).  Also find out how they clean up during and after the day is over.  Keeping a clean worksite is very important.  We use drop cloths, HEPA air scrubber and plastic sheeting hung from the ceiling.  We also provide house cleaning after the job is complete.

Other Considerations

  • What if you want something changed?Tile shower installer Columbia Missouri

    Let’s face it, sometimes a tile or other feature just sticks out and you don’t like it.  How does your potential tile shower installer handle such things?  For us, we don’t argue with you.  If you don’t like a tile, we will replace it with one you do.  We do work with you to locate fixtures and other finish items as well before we install them.  We do want the job to be right the first time, but at the end of the day we want you to be satisfied as well.

  • How does their billing work?

    It’s good to ask this question prior to the start of the job to help clear the air on expectations.  Some contractors want a check to hold your spot, while others want to be paid completely in advance.  We do collect a check the day we start for 50% of the job.  If your job takes longer than a week, 50% of the remaining balance is collected on Friday.  Our final payment is due at job completion.

I apreciate that you took the time to read through my suggestions.  Be sure to comment below and let me know what you think.  If you have a question you would like to see added, comment that below as well.  We are a tile shower installer servicing all of Mid-Missouri.  Good luck on your project, I hope it is a successful one.


Hexagon tile shower floor curbless shower

Barrier Free Showers Aren’t Just For The Elderly

Starting your day with a shower used to be your favorite part of the morning.  Just like your morning coffee, a shower is invigorating and gets the blood flowing.  Getting older has changed that, and now there’s a fear of not getting over the step into your shower.  Therefore, a zero entry shower is the answer you’re looking for.  If you aren’t ready to move into an assisted living facility, I want to help you.  Let me show you how easy it is to add a curbless shower into your home.  Continue reading to see some great benefits of adding a zero entry shower into your home.

A Curbless Shower Is Visually Appealing

You don’t have to be in need of an accessible shower to appreciate the look of a curbless shower.  Unlike many accessible features, a curbless shower blends in with the surrounding area easily.  It is also worth noting that a zero entry shower is much easier to keep clean as well.  Think about it, one of the hardest areas to clean is the wall to floor transition. If you use a zero entry shower you eliminate the floor to wall transition in that area.  Another way a curbless shower is visually appealing is in it’s simplicity.  Eliminating the curb makes your shower appear larger, and that is another great benefit.

Installation Considerations

Installing one of these showers takes quite a bit of skill to do correctly.  With a standard shower the curb will help contain water from the faucet.  The water management system for a curbless shower needs to be properly installed.  Your shower will see far more water than your roof will in a year. For that reason, be sure that you hire a Certified Tile Installer.  You need to protect the investment you have made in your home.

Wrapping Up

A curbless shower will fit any design and bathroom type.  If you are looking for an upgrade that won’t kill the budget and still turn some heads, a zero entry shower is what you’re looking for.  If you have an accessibility need, certainly feel free to contact me directly.  I am here to help guide you in the process of successfully remodeling your bathroom.  Together, we can make your dream bathroom a reality.  Finally, I invite you to check out our tile store Legacy Bath and Tile in Columbia, MO.

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21st Century Tile Shower Installer

shower installer Columbia MOWhy are we still building bathrooms today like we did 20 years ago or more?  A good shower installer knows that using technology to their advantage is a good thing.  We aren’t going backward in time, technology keeps getting smarter.  The bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in our homes.  It’s time we look at upgrading it to reduce stress and increase happiness.  A smart shower isn’t lacking in function and blends nicely into the rest of the shower.  Let’s look at some benefits a smart shower has over traditional showers.

Style and Functionality

A touchscreen shower has the ability to integrate many features into your shower.  With the push of a button you can listen to your favorite artist using Bluetooth speakers.  You can also adjust the light level and set the mood.  Imagine taking a steam in a dim light as beach waves crash against the shore.  You can even have two temperatures in your shower simultaneously.  This can be a reality in your home.  As a shower installer I keep up with the latest trends in technology.  Of course you can also have a multi-function shower without the touchscreen.

What Can A Shower Installer Do For You

As a shower installer there’s a lot I can do for my customers.  I am happy to sit down with you and discuss your shower build.  A smart shower is something that takes a lot of planning and forethought.Shower installer near me Mid-Missouri  You don’t want to hire just any shower installer for your smart shower installation.  You want a shower installer that has installed a smart shower before.  I can help you pick the brand that’s right for you with the controls you need.  What can your shower do for you?  That is the question you need to ask yourself before hiring a shower installer.

Health Benefits

Shower installer Columbia MOPlan on  getting the most out of your bathroom by having a  smart shower installed in your home. I also recommend you  consider adding a steam generator as well.  A steam shower adds many health benefits including detoxing your system, relieving sore muscles and clearing sinuses.  A smart shower is a large investment,  a qualified shower installer is a must.  You can really be in trouble hiring someone that lacks experience and expertise.  A smart shower will also help with resale of your home.  Not only will it be a convenience for you, but the new owner will appreciate it as well.   I offer a lifetime warranty on tile installations and will maintain whatever the manufacturer warranty is on the shower system.


Steam Shower Columbia Missouri custom tile installation

Live Happier and Healthier with a Steam Shower

Steam shower Columbia Missouri touch screen controlA steam shower is a great addition to any bathroom. It’s easy to add steam to a tiled shower, I definitely recommend looking into one for your home.  Adding steam has many health benefits, you’re certainly aware of that.  Below you will find my top five reasons you should add a steam shower to your home.

Faster Recovery

Perhaps the best reason you should add steam is to decrease your recovery time from working out.  If  your job is physically demanding a steam shower can help your recovery as well.  Gyms know that steam decreases recovery time, that is why steam showers are common there.   As we age we need all the help we can get decreasing our recovery time.  Of course there are other benefits as well.

Improved Circulation

Due to the increase in temperature your veins widen making it easier for blood to flow.  This increases circulation to all parts of the body, also assisting in faster recovery.  Increasing the blood flow also reduces soreness and pain from sore muscles.

Detoxes your Body

The increase in temperature causes your body to sweat.  As you sweat the toxins and chemicals leave your body, leaving you a little healthier.

Good for the Environment

Unlike a jetted tub, a steam shower uses very little water.  The average steam shower uses less than 2 gallons of water for a twenty minute steam.  Another benefit is that a steam shower heats up faster as well.  Instead of waiting several minutes for your bathtub to fill up, steam will typically start in less than a minute.  Adding steam to your shower also allows you to take a steam, then immediately shower all in the same room.  When you shower the steam condenses back to water vapor and goes down the drain. There’s no need for special venting that way.

Other Benefits of a Steam Shower

Steam can act as a moisturizer improving your skin and make you look younger.  Since steam increases your heart rate your metabolism also increases.  A steam shower can also reduce stress and make it easier to fight off colds.  There are many benefits to adding a steam shower in your home.

Can I Just Crank up my Existing Shower?

A steam shower is far more different than just trying to turn the heat up on your shower head.  For starters, the water coming out of your shower actually cools the space preventing you from reaching the steam shower Columbia Missourineeded temperature.  A typical steam shower should reach room temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees.  This is also what sets a tiled shower steam unit apart from the spaceship looking things you can buy online.  Many of those units can’t go over 100 degrees

In Conclusion

Steam showers are great for most anyone.  I wouldn’t recommend adding one to your home if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure.  If improving your health is something that interests you, talk to me about installing a steam shower in your home.  I am happy to walk you through our process and explain in more detail the benefits you will see.  As with all our tile installations, you will get a lifetime warranty on the tile assembly.  For the best tile selection in Columbia, check out our store Legacy Bath & Tile.

Tile Shower Design, Columbia MO, Certified Tile Installer

Tile Shower Design Must Haves For Your Bathroom

To truly unleash your bathrooms potential the tile shower design is critical.  Your tile shower is the focal point of the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to show it off.  You will be azmazed at what your tiled shower can do for you.  Remodeling your bathroom is typically a one time expense, don’t cheap out on getting what you want.  A properly designed tile shower can improve your health and reduce stress.  Don’t believe me, continue reading to see what I’m talking about.

The Shower Faucet

For me, the first element in tile shower design is the faucet itself.  The type of faucet you choose says a lot about you.  The faucet is also where your health and happiness comes into play as well.  Water can massage in addition to clean, imagine a shower experience that you can completely control.  I’m talking about body sprays, handheld shower, rainhead units or even a waterfall.  I can  integrate these features into your tile shower design effortlessly.  To truly reduce stress and increase overall health consider adding a steam shower.  Talk about creating a unique experience and one that you won’t forget.  You could finally have a true spa in your very own bathroom.

Other Tile Shower Design Considerations

I would strongly suggest staying away from natural stone as part of your tile shower design.  Natural stone is typically very soft and will be difficult to maintain.  I recommend porcelain tile with a stone pattern instead. Unlike stone, porcelain tile is very low maintenance and will stay looking new for a long time.  Like stone tile, porcelain tile is available in similar sizes shapes and colors.

Other Considerations

I would consider a curbless shower as they are visually very pleasing and allow for easier entry.  A frameless shower door will also compliment the shower nicely as well.  A shower enclosure will also help retain heat, a very important feature if hot showers are important to you.  In conclusion, a tile shower design will have a big impact on your daily life.  Don’t trust just anyone with this important task.  I also recommend hiring qualified labor for your project as well.  Nothing is worse than spending money on a tile shower design and it fails.  Read about our tile shower installation method as well as our lifetime warranty for tile installations.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Columbia Missouri Homeowners

Certified Tile Installer LogoI love when a bathroom remodel project call comes in.  Changing my customers home from what they have to what they want is very rewarding.  I thought writing a blog post with common bathroom upgrades would assist in getting the design juices flowing.  If you’re considering a bathroom remodel project, I hope you’ll consider giving us the opportunity work for you.


Keep the Bathtub or Replace with Tile Shower

Columbia MO bathtub tile surround, tileware grab bar, white subway tile surround, bathroom remodelMost realtors agree that you need a bathtub in the home.  I’m of the opinion that as long as there’s a tub in the guest bath, you don’t need another one.  I think it’s important to keep a tub in the home, many home buyers want a bathtub.  I think a quality bathtub is still a great addition versus the old one piece fiberglass unit.  Jetted tubs with a tile surround are great for many bathrooms.  The great thing about tile is that it’s so easy to personalize to your space.  Because tile is so personal, it is easy to compliment your decor.

Custom Tile Showers Best Bang for your Buck

Columbia MO tile shower, wood look tile shower, custom tile shower, bathroom remodelA custom tile shower will give you the best return on your bathroom remodel project. When I bid on bathroom remodel work in Columbia, MO, I encourage my customers to consider tiled showers.  I know every tiled shower is unique, no two showers are ever exactly the same.  Tiled showers are so unique because they have to be assembled in your home.  I think the best feature of a tiled shower is the way you can customize them.  Even a small 3×5 shower is big enough for two people.  My customers like recessed niches, custom benches and curbless showers.  If a true spa experience is what you want, I would suggest looking into a steam generator.  I can’t stress enough the importance of a proper shower build, read more about proper shower construction here.

Other Bathroom Remodel Ideas

heated tile floor, curbless tile shower, Columbia MO tile shower, bathroom remodelI know I have spent a lot of time talking about tub surrounds and custom tile showers.  One other topic I think we should look at is the rest of the bathroom.  A major upgrade that is virtually invisible is a heated floor.  A heated floor is a luxury, but one none of my customers has regretted purchasing.  Key design elements to look for are consistency.  Whatever design you choose, be sure to use that design everywhere possible.  What I mean by that is your shower faucet and sink faucet should match.  Most plumbing manufacturers even match the flush handle on your stool (a touch that won’t go unnoticed).  All the metal trim in your bathroom should also be the same color and sheen.  When I bid on a bathroom remodel consistency is something I focus on with you.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for bathroom remodel project ideas, stop in at legacy bath and tile on the Business Loop.  I would also love the opportunity to interview with you as well, contact us or call (573) 289-1045 to schedule your free consultation.