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shower installer Columbia MOWhy are we still building bathrooms today like we did 20 years ago or more?  A good shower installer knows that using technology to their advantage is a good thing.  We aren’t going backward in time, technology keeps getting smarter.  The bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in our homes.  It’s time we look at upgrading it to reduce stress and increase happiness.  A smart shower isn’t lacking in function and blends nicely into the rest of the shower.  Let’s look at some benefits a smart shower has over traditional showers.

Style and Functionality

A touchscreen shower has the ability to integrate many features into your shower.  With the push of a button you can listen to your favorite artist using Bluetooth speakers.  You can also adjust the light level and set the mood.  Imagine taking a steam in a dim light as beach waves crash against the shore.  You can even have two temperatures in your shower simultaneously.  This can be a reality in your home.  As a shower installer I keep up with the latest trends in technology.  Of course you can also have a multi-function shower without the touchscreen.

What Can A Shower Installer Do For You

As a shower installer there’s a lot I can do for my customers.  I am happy to sit down with you and discuss your shower build.  A smart shower is something that takes a lot of planning and forethought.Shower installer near me Mid-Missouri  You don’t want to hire just any shower installer for your smart shower installation.  You want a shower installer that has installed a smart shower before.  I can help you pick the brand that’s right for you with the controls you need.  What can your shower do for you?  That is the question you need to ask yourself before hiring a shower installer.

Health Benefits

Shower installer Columbia MOPlan on  getting the most out of your bathroom by having a  smart shower installed in your home. I also recommend you  consider adding a steam generator as well.  A steam shower adds many health benefits including detoxing your system, relieving sore muscles and clearing sinuses.  A smart shower is a large investment,  a qualified shower installer is a must.  You can really be in trouble hiring someone that lacks experience and expertise.  A smart shower will also help with resale of your home.  Not only will it be a convenience for you, but the new owner will appreciate it as well.   I offer a lifetime warranty on tile installations and will maintain whatever the manufacturer warranty is on the shower system.


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