Bathroom Tile Installation

Bathroom with carpet installed

Stained carpet in Bathroom

A couple purchased a house recently and there was carpet in the bathrooms.  The house is only 8 years old (and so is the carpet) but due to daily use of showering and normal use the carpet had an odor.  We came in, ripped up the old carpet and installed ceramic tile.  The tile is easy to maintain, won’t hold odors and looks wonderful.



Bathroom tiled floor

No more smelly carpet!!

Do you have carpet in your bathroom?  Contact us and see how affordable it is to throw out the carpet and replace it with tile.  We can even install heat sources under the tile to keep your feet warm in the winter!!

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Eric Blumer is a Certified Tile Installer servicing all of Mid-Missouri. Properly installed tile will last a lifetime, it's Eric's desire to show that qualified labor is out there. Following industry standards helps to ensure that your project won't fail.

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