Transform Your Bathroom Into Something Beautiful

Your home is the largest single investment you have. You will likely see a return on your investment with regular maintenance, but you will never maximize its value. Let us show you how updating your bathroom to reflect your personality and style adds equity too. After all, life isn’t about treading water, it’s about getting ahead.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is challenging and scary

It’s especially challenging when everyone wants to tell you what to do, instead of helping you get what you want. We can walk beside you while you decide what you want your dream bathroom to look like. The process is fairly straight forward, it just takes executing a proper plan. While a bigger space might give you more options, a smaller bathroom can be extravagant as well.

You must consider several key factors to add value to your home. What is the life expectancy of the items being installed? Are the items you’re considering a value to others? Does the vanity faucet coordinate with the shower faucet? What about the flush lever on the toilet? Knowing how to approach these kinds of questions is where we will be beneficial to you.

Tile installations have the lowest lifecycle cost and they also feature the best returns on investment. Properly installed tile will last a lifetime, and that is why we offer lifetime manufacturer warranties. This includes custom tile shower installations as well. What makes tile a great choice for any bathroom is it’s so personal. Theres no shortage of design that can be applied to your space.

We can help you make sense out of everything

We’re not going to tell you what to do, we will help you have the bathroom of your dreams. We are the only recognized CTEF Certified Tile Installer in Columbia, MO.

Picking the right contractor is very important. An unqualified contractor can not only cost money in inefficiencies, most of all they can potentially damage your home. Unfortunately for homeowners, we do replace a lot of leaky tiled showers. Be sure that whomever you hire to install a tile shower knows the correct process and is qualified.

Your newly completed bathroom will certainly bring you much joy

Now you know the process works, and your home will thank you as well. You will be excited to show your new bathroom off to your friends (and make them jealous as well).

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