Hardwood Floor Installation

Why choose hardwood floor installation?

Hardwood floor installation is a classic style choice that can bring long-lasting value (and re-sale value) to your home. The look and feel of an installed pre-finished hardwood floor can range from luxurious to more homey or rustic. There are a variety of wood species available, and color choices for your floor. At EJ Flooring, we can even design a custom hardwood flooring pattern to fit your room perfectly.

What should I look for in a hardwood floor installation?

Look for an installer who will take the time up front to start the job right: by measuring the room first and making adjustments for irregularities, we can make sure you don’t end up with crooked lines, gaps and flaws that can ruin the look of your beautiful flooring material.

Hardwood floors don’t need to be sanded, stained and sealed in your home anymore. Pre-finished hardwood flooring is becoming more popular, and prices are less expensive than in the past. There are so many options for installing a hardwood floor! Laying the flooring on a diagonal, or using varieties in style and finish for borders and other patterns can add interest and personality to a room.

What about maintaining my hardwood floor installation?

Hardwood flooring can easily last a lifetime when properly maintained.  For everyday cleaning, a simple sweeping is usually all that’s needed. Scuffs and scratches can be repaired with a little TLC, and refinishing or re-staining can take care of nearly any blemish that may occur.

What else should I know about hardwood floor installation?

Great for homes where allergies are a concern, hardwood flooring does not attract or retain dust or pollen. Pet hair is easily swept away. Noise and echoes from footsteps in heavy traffic areas may bother some homeowners; this is easily remedied with an area rug. Hardwood flooring is great for nearly any room, but it is not recommended in rooms with high moisture exposure.

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