Columbia Missouri Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

We are bathroom remodeling specialists for central Missouri.  The first step in the process is to schedule a consultation.  Once we arrive on site we evaluateBathroom remodeling columbia mo, completed glass tile shower, your space and find out what your needs and wants are.  Every bathroom is different therefore your plan of action will be unique to your space.  There is no cookie cutter approach here.  At this point you will receive a firm bid on your project along with a plan of action.



The process begins

bathroom remodeling columbia mo, HEPA air scrubberProtecting your home during the remodel process is very important to us.  We use drop cloths to protect existing floor coverings.  The use of a HEPA air scrubber also helps to contain airborne contaminates as well.  The use of plastic sheeting helps protect furniture and bedding from any dust or debris.  You shouldn’t have to move out during a bathroom renovation.  We take caution and consideration in keeping the stress down during the process.  We will also protect any items that are to remain in the bathroom.  Perfection is impossible to attain, and we realize that.  If something bothers you during the remodel, let us know.  We are happy to correct any problems brought to our attention.


Now that we have protected your home, the bathroom remodeling process can start.  Removing your existing fixtures is the first step of the process.   We like to donate items that are usable to Habitat for Humanity.  They are a great charity, and it helps to keep the landfill from filling up.  Our customers aren’t in charge of disposal.  We dispose of all trash and take care of donated items as well.  During demolition we take care not to damage your home.  Once demolition is complete we can begin the bathroom remodeling process.

Bathroom remodeling begins

Once we have the demolition out of the way we will begin the process of putting your bathroom together.  Installing your rough-in plumbing is the first thingwe do. WRough in plumbing and bench complete, bathroom remodeling columbia moe will install your plumbing fixtures according to your preference.  Other fixtures that you need moved are located at this time.  This would include your bathtub (if desired).  Once all our rough-in is complete we begin installing the wall board.  Our plan is to match your existing finish of the rest of the home.  We want your bathroom to look like it was always there, not something added later.  Starting from top down we finish your bathroom. We finish the ceiling first (if necessary).  Painting your walls is next on the list.

Bathroom Remodeling – The Shower

Once the rest of your bathroom walls are complete its time to start on the shower.  The waterproofing for your shower is the first step.  Properly waterproofing yourbathroom remodeling columbia mo, completed shower wood look tile shower leads to yearsof worry free use.  We give you a lifetime manufacturer warranty on our shower installations.  Design elements of your shower are located now.  Those elements include niches, a bench or foot prop, even shelves.  We can even locate grab bars if necessary.  When we tile a shower we start from the bottom and work up.  Generally, we locate niches after tiling has begun.  We locate the niches later so we can control the tile pattern better.  Showers that we install are mold and mildew free.  We tile your bathroom floor once the shower is complete.  The grout we use for our tile installations features built in sealer and stain protection.

Finishing Touches

The last thing we do is install the vanity, mirror and any other fixtures.  We go over the project with you upon completion looking for any punch list items.  Your satisfaction is what we strive for.  We want to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.  It’s important to us that your bathroom remodeling project is successful.  When you need bathroom remodeling in Columbia, MO we hope you’ll consider interviewing us for the job.  We look forward to working with you.