Your Perfect Spa Retreat Awaits – In Your Home

EJ Flooring is Columbia Missouri’s bathroom remodeling experts.   Isn’t a relaxing day at the spa a great way to unwind from a busy week?  Everything you want in a perfect spa can be customized for your relaxation and integrated into your dream bathroom.  From mood lighting and aromas to bluetooth capable speakers, the bathroom of your dreams is just an email or phone call away.  I know your bathroom can be transformed into the perfect retreat and I want to show you how.  Steam showers and smart showers is our specialty and we can show you how to get the most value for your money.  Schedule your free consultation by contacting us today.

Lower Stress Starts Now

We know working for our customers is a privilege, and we recognize that.  Taking care of your home during the remodel process is as important to us as it is to you.  We use drop cloths from the point of entry into your home until the room being remodeled.  To protect your carpet we use a two stage protection system.  First we put plastic carpet protection down, and then we place our drop cloths over that.  To help contain airborne dust we also use a HEPA air scrubber during demolition and installation.  I won’t claim to be perfect, I also don’t want to make the same sin twice while in your home either.  If there’s something that we aren’t doing that you’d like us to, just ask.  Low stress environments make for great projects, and we want you to be as stress free as possible.

A Little About Us

My wife, Jennifer, and I  started EJ Flooring in January of 2005.  This is our 13th year in business serving the Columbia and central Missouri area.   So that we can better serve you we continue our education and training from manufacturers.  I travel several times a year continuing my education in proper tile installation.  In August of 2015 I was named as N.T.C.A  State Ambassador for Missouri.  In 2017 Eric earned his Certified Tile Installer certificate.  I want you to have peace of mind that your installation will last a lifetime.

Our Service Area

In addition to Columbia Missouri tile installation we also service Jefferson City, Ashland, Hallsville, Centralia and other area’s in Missouri.

I’m a proud member of N.T.C.A.

Eric Blumer, N.T.C.A. Ambassador for Missouri, Certified Tile Installer #1329


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Grinding up the last of old sheet vinyl. Tiling our church bathroom this week. I decided to add a picture of our HEPA air scrubber. I keep mentioning that we use one, wouldn’t hurt to show that we really do. Dust control is important to us, give us a call if it’s important to you as well. 573-289-1045 ...

Turning 12x24 Tile’s into a custom mosaic insert for a stair installation. Stay tuned for final pics ...

Completed pictures from our chevron job. Having a laser made this job much easier on us, everything stayed pretty dang straight. Give us a call to schedule your next tile project (573)289-1045 ...

Played around with iMovie, think it turned out pretty good. Still have to figure out precise timing, overall point is made though I think.

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